Vueltabajo Sitio: Supporting Local Artists!

This episode will be a bit of a surprise for some of you! Listen in to see why!

Art is a powerful way to heal, as well as an important tool for addressing social issues. Two theatre artists, Eury and Zuleira, from the island join us to speak about their initiatives since Hurricane Maria, giving us hope and showing that Boriken’s culture is rich in it’s own distinct music and art. Their collective’s name is Vueltabajo Sitio.

“Vueltabajo is a collective of transdisciplinary artists that adopts its name with the initiative to enable and activate a space for research and artistic training focused on theater as a medium. We provide networks, collaborations, presentations and community. Theater is our tool.”

I hope you’ll give it a listen but definitely donate and support these amazing artists and groups that are seeking ways to transform public spaces for their community.  They truly inspired me and I was honored to be able to have them on this podcast!

The group’s webpage: http://www.vueltabajositio.com

Their Podcast episodes can be found on YouTube here:


The group’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/colectivovueltabajo/

Donate here!!!


You can also just donate via paypal by using this email taller.liberta@gmail.com

Article on Suleira: https://www.hercampus.com/school/uprm/puerto-rican-women-killing-it-independent-art-scene-zuleira-soto-rom-n


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