Deadly toxic ash: The #AES Corporation in #PuertoRico and the inaction of the EPA/Government

What do you do when ten or twelve people on your street alone develop cancer, or when your kids are playing in the backyard but you don’t know if the […]

A Symbol of Hope: Interview with Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez, creator of Superhero La Borinquena

Before you do anything else today, go to this website and get yourself these amazing comic books: As a female person of color, I rarely saw myself represented in […]

The Alphabet of Enchantment Island: An Interview with author Yajaira De La Espada on decolonizing child imaginations

To listen to the episode please follow this iTunes link or you can listen on here. From the first time I heard her story and her idea of a […]

Un Sueño realizado: An interview with Gloriann Sacha Antonetty Lebron about Racial Justice in Puerto Rico

This week I spoke to Gloriann Sacha Antonetty about Racial Justice… A topic that impacts Public Health in so many ways. This was one conversation I’d been wanting to do […]

Bleeding Borinquen: An interview with Alvin Velazquez and Armando Pintado on the Cofina Agreement

This week – Puerto Ricans face a life-and-death decision… Reporting for the first time this year from Puerto Rico, I wanted to cover the most pressing issue happening on the […]

Broken Promises and Broken Systems: Interview with Karen Rossi, documentary filmmaker from Puerto Rico

The Update It’s been a month of tough conversations with my family, protests, and press conferences. The anniversary of my stepdads death was also this month – so it’s been […]

A Puerto Rican Revolution

The first podcast looking at issues affecting the island through a public health lens. After Hurricane Maria, I returned to Puerto Rico to bury someone I loved, and in his […]

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