Buy Local Products: #BrandsOfPuertoRico

When I was a little girl visiting family in Puerto Rico, one of my favorite things was all the local food and products. The memory of waking up in the morning, with the aroma of abuelito’s coffee and pan sobao still brings a smile to my face. With the continuing migration of many Boricuas to the US and after Hurricane Maria, all of us in the Diaspora have felt a desire to find these products and also contribute to the local economy.

In this latest episode of Boriken Podcast I wanted to invite Alan Taveras, the co-founder of Brands of Puerto Rico to tell us about his journey to bring Puerto Rican Products to the world.

The conversation is an important one, because we discuss not just how we in the Diaspora can be part of the movement to buy locally, but also address a cultural barrier that Boricuas have faced for centuries. We discuss how the colonial status has permeated the cultural consciousness, and how awareness can be a powerful first step towards a free Boriken.

I was certainly inspired by the mission of Brands to empower small businesses in Puerto Rico to believe in their brand and products. I hope more local products make it out to us in the Diaspora!

To buy local products from Brands of Puerto Rico follow this link.

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