Community Health and the Young Lords: Ivelyse Andino Interview

This week – I’m excited to share a conversation about focused on what it means to engage with your community. I chat with someone from a Social Impact organization about health in communities, as well as the history and work of the Young Lords/Black Panthers in public health.

Ivelyse Andino was a wonderful guest and provided some interesting insight into how we can use the power of the community to better the health of our people. She is the founder and CEO of Radical Health – the first #Latina-owned B-Corporation in NYC.

What struck me as we chatted was that she is part of a radical movement that has been around for some time, and the more we discuss these radical solutions, it will revolutionize the health of our neighbors and ourselves.

I was also really happy to hear that Ivelyse was so excited to meet another Boricua involved in #Healthcare #technology and who also explores the #SocialDeterminants of Health. Her advice to the rest of us in the Diaspora: Don’t stop learning about the Puerto Rican history and how you can keep building up the Puerto Rican community and connecting to the networks near you.


As Ivelyse says: “The beauty when we can come together” and take part in building up our people.

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Ivelyse Andino Bio: http://www.radical-health.com/ivelyse/

Radical Health Social Media:

PBS Article on the Young Lords:



“Radical Health is a minority – women owned, social impact organization.

We started with a crazy idea – What if people – doctors, nurses, neighbors, family caretakers, got together without an agenda or any pretense and began talking about a way we can change health as we know it? Through these conversations Radical Health was formed. Radical Health turns the paradigm of top-down medical treatment on its head by activating  community members to become engaged partners in health care and to become change agents in addressing disparities in their neighborhoods.

The US healthcare system is broken. We spend $3T annually in clinical care to solely provide “sick care”.  Minorities and other historically marginalized populations, are disproportionately affected by health disparities, resulting in higher hospitalization rates,  lower life expectancy and over $60B in lost productivity annually.  Radical Health mobilizes  those from marginalized demographics such as LGBTQI, formerly incarcerated, undocumented immigrants,  and disabled populations to leverage their lived experience to impact health disparities, build community and generate supplemental income.

Radical Health mobilizes those suffering from health disparities to become agents of change in promoting health, thereby shifting knowledge, power, and resources to those who are most in need.

Radical Health is leading the transformation from a paternalistic, “systems know best” paradigm, to a community-driven approach where engaged and motivated community members influence the delivery of health care.  These are network of people not just invested in their own wellbeing, but in that of the community. Through our community-based approach we build out the networks and relationships that impact health outcomes which allows for enhanced provider – patient experiences and reductions in unnecessary ER visits. As a result, we see related impacts in education and public safety, and ultimately a flourishing economy. Our radical approach redefines the status quo and creates pathways to meaningful employment, community strengthening, and re-investment of funding to the people through health and technology.

We know that the task ahead of us is not an easy one, but we believe in the power of community – collaborating to create change. We invite you to share with us your thoughts on what Radical Health means to you. Sign up to be a part of the movement. Share with a friend. Partner with Radical Health to start a project in your community. Together, we can make a difference.”

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