Deadly toxic ash: The #AES Corporation in #PuertoRico and the inaction of the EPA/Government

What do you do when ten or twelve people on your street alone develop cancer, or when your kids are playing in the backyard but you don’t know if the ash that’s covered everything will give them cancer or respiratory disease. What do you do when the water you drink could contain heavy metals that seeped into it because your government has allowed a coal company to dump it’s waste in your community without any accountability to human health risks… That’s when you know you’re in Puerto Rico.

This week we examine some of the events that led to a decade long struggle of the people against a multinational Coal Company called AES.

We cover the issue by sharing some of the work of an Environmental Lawyer/community member Ruth Santiago, who has been on the ground fighting this issue as well as a post-doc fellow/researcher of Social Movements from St. Louis, Fernando Tormos Aponte. As protesters from Puerto Rico board a plane this week to Arlington, Virginia I wanted to speak to whoever is available from this movement about what is happening and what we can do to help. The stories are frightening. Check it out and please share/take action against the criminal behavior of AES.

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Contact the EPA below and tell them that you want them to address the violations of human rights and toxic environmental waste causing cancer and other health problems in Puerto Rico:


To learn more about this issue you can find information in these articles:



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