Fighting for Transparency: #QueCuenten

Data on mortality after a natural disaster is critical to providing pubic officials and others the information necessary to help communities in distress and focus efforts and personnel. This episode will provide insight into the first study after Maria that sought to bring clarity into what really happened even as the local government continued to insist the death count was low. Alexis Santos joins us to discuss his study and also his perspective on what the recent study by Harvard School of Public Health found. To hear more and follow Alexis you can follow him on Twitter at @AppDemography. Please read his most recent article as well, on his survey of Puerto Ricans regarding quality of information being provided to them – you can find it here.

After this episode was recorded, the death certificates were finally released to journalists for investigation into the number of deaths after Hurricane Maria. More info here in this CNN article. And the Centro for Investigative Journalism also published a story yesterday on the data they received – more info here.

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