For the Crime of being Colonized: Warehouses of supplies hidden from disaster victims in Puerto Rico

Wanda Vasquez is the current governor of Puerto Rico, but when she was the Secretary of Justice she asked another official not to send her any evidence from leaked chats that potentially could incriminate people from her own party (PNP). She is only governor today because the people of Puerto Rico protested for over a week, until the last Governor finally resigned in disgrace.

Since the discovery of the warehouse, she has fired multiple people, but it is a clear distraction from the fact that she is also part of the same party that has lied to the people. She will not be granted any exemption in the eyes of the Puerto Rican people, although she may try.

The other person that the people are pointing to is a man named Thomas Rivera Schatz. For brevity, only know that he is President of the Senate and also called one of the most corrupt of all. The people also want him out.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King day, and people will be protesting both on the island and in many other states. We hope you’ll join us in Puerto Rico, Washington DC, NYC, Philly, Los Angeles.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

― Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail

This episode is more my take on things, so you’ll hear my anger, my emotions because these are things I cannot hide or shy from. And while it’s not objective I can say with certainty that the facts are clear: they lied, and we need to clean house, we need to vote them out. There’s no time to waste. I’ll also say that I’m feeling a lot of sadness because so many deaths could have been prevented. This government decided the lives of our communities meant nothing. But my stepfather was a good man. He deserved to live.

Lastly, I wanted to end this latest episode with the audio from the viral video taken inside the warehouse found in Ponce. The voice belongs to a good citizen, a good neighbor, a patriot, a man who was willing to show the world and his community that our government needs to be replaced by people who won’t sit back and watch while people suffer. I hope these officials are persecuted for these crimes against the good people of Puerto Rico.

Que Viva Puerto Rico Libre.

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