I am Taíno. Dak’toká Taíno: An interview with Alba Garcia Rivas

The Taíno Lives… El Taíno Vive….

In Puerto Rico Taíno, African and Spanish blood runs through us. It’s a reminder that we are a beautiful mix of cultures. History, however, has sought to erase that identity or mold it to the calculations of those with power and influence. This week’s episode is insanely important because… we share the truth they wanted to hide.

Our Taino ancestors live on in us. We carry the DNA of Warriors.

For a long time many on the island and in the #diaspora were falsely taught that the Taíno had been erased, decimated… that none of them remained. But today those who would not give up on finding the truth, have shown us that in our #PuertoRican Nation… The Taíno Lives… El Taíno Vive.

This week Alba Garcia Rivas shares her work on a puppet film for children but also for all of us, that seeks to raise awareness on the issues affecting Puerto Rico, and also place it in the context of the first people to suffer colonization: The Taíno

History is important and through her art Alba draws us into the beauty our heritage, of those who came before… who still call out to us because they are not lost to history, they live within us… in our traditions and culture.

This week we honor the Taíno, we honor our island, and we continue to say proudly… we are #Boricuas and we do not forget.


From Alba’s Indiegogo:

“Experts and leaders on Taíno Community

I am working closely with Antropologist Dr. Yarey Melendez founder of the Naguake schools in Puerto Rico, she currently teaches a restored  version of the Taíno language in the school curriculum, and Luis Ramos a Taíno Community leader, a Bohike (Taíno Healer) and Activist of Naguake community.

Also more leaders of our Taíno community have been interested and gave us advise, here they are: Bert Correa, Bobby Gonzalez, and Ramon Rivera. I thank you all for your input and kindness.”

For more information on the Taino Indians:

This year there was an exhibit in NYC at the National Museum of the American Indian. I had the opportunity to take pictures and you can see them here on 10/3/18.

Also check out the museum’s page for more information and below also some links to content mentioned in the Podcast:


CNN Latino Article

Alba is also featured in CNN Latino this week! Check it out below:

“Yo soy boricua y me van a escuchar con mi arte”: la respuesta de una artista puertorriqueña a Donald Trump


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