In the Time of Coronavirus

On today’s episode I wanted to give you my take on this pandemic, how it’s shaped life for New Yorkers, & what’s happening in Puerto Rico, as they continue to face the challenges many other places do not: From closure of airports, to buying life saving supplies.

First an important note, if you feel you have the virus/you’re unsure what to do Apple has partnered with the CDC on a screening tool. Keep in mind they use your data, without your personal info.

This week I kept thinking that we rely on our leaders for solace in challenging times and right now there is a lack of leadership and collaboration.

As the epicenter of this pandemic in the US, New York is stating they’ll run out of medical supplies after a week and need 140,000 beds to deal with the crisis (note: they created a temporary hospital at the Javits Center). Meanwhile more than half of cases in NY are 18-49 yrs old. One NYTimes video takes you into a NYC hospital and the account is chilling. In Italy, they reported the highest jump in deaths in 24 hrs, with over 900 people dead. Note: Italy had 3.2 beds per 1 thousand people while the US has 2.8 per 1000. Hospitals everywhere are running out of beds/protective equipment.

As the US confirms more cases, I discuss how Wall Street shouldn’t determine the response to a health crisis. We can’t put a cost to human life – even if that has been the status quo in America. There are many calling for an end to public health measures or trying to negotiate for less strict measures – but these are the same that can afford to to do.

These are people that have the privilege of staying home/working from home, of access to ventilators, especially as they become more scarce. As Americans, if we don’t come together now, in a time when we need to the most – and against those who seek to undermine the power of middle class/working class people, then we will allow those with far less skin in the game, to put us and our families in harm’s way.

Ultimately though, the response to the virus will be guided by how we deal with class in America.

Music credit:  Alynda Segarra a Puerto Rican singer & lead of Hurray for the Riff Raff (link)

Articles discussed on this episode:

And finally, please a reminder to self care while in quarantine:

  • Hygiene – you may not see a dentist in a while, so flossing is important
  • Exercise – sedentary lifestyles lead to higher risk of disease so please find things that get you moving. I’m taking salsa lessons, group gym classes and yoga.
  • Mental health – reach out to mental health professionals if you can but also remember community helps too and seek out groups that help you during this time. Not everyone can afford a therapist but there are other resources out there.

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