Melissa M Viverito on why Boricua Votes Matter

This week’s interview is very exciting because I got to talk to Melissa M Viverito who was Speaker of the New York City council and now is working on many exciting projects for Puerto Rico and Latinos.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico and a fierce defender of the island, she talks about using her platform to raise awareness, and initiate action in government so that we can elevate the voices of the Puerto Ricans on the island.

We talk about the work she’s doing with the Latino Victory Fund, to increase Latino Representation in government and I immediately signed up to help on 2 campaigns in MA. It is so important to realize how our representation is needed and makes a difference.

Check out the Politico Article on the Latino Victory Fund here

We also about the important work with Power4PuertoRico:

#Power4PuertoRico is a coalition of organizations, leaders, and advocates from across the nation working together to address the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria through advocacy, strategic communications, and direct mobilization. We are calling on Congress and the Administration to adopt an ambitious, new agenda that will put Puerto Rico’s economy on the road to future growth and prosperity. We are building lasting power for Puerto Rico and the diaspora.

She also provides a scathing criticism on the way that the federal and local governments have addressed the needs of Puerto Ricans which I found really eloquent and important for all Americans to hear.

I’m proud of Melissa and her advocacy- and hope she inspires others to raise their voice for Puerto Rico too and get involved. We have a lot of work to do!

Articles mentioned in this podcast can be found below:

Te Conozco Bacalao aunque Vengas Disfrazao- Phillip Arroyo Opinion Piece: https://www.univision.com/noticias/opinion/te-conozco-bacalao-aunque-vengas-disfrazao

The Washington Post Article about Boricuas in Florida registering to Vote:


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