My Dad, the Janitor: An interview with Otoniel on PR and Labor Unions

As a kid, the one question I often dreaded was – “What does your dad do for a living?” because people’s perception of me would immediately be written on their face. The quick dismissal. I grew up though, and thankfully learned that there’s no shame in what you do for a living. I feel proud of my dad for the fact that he worked so very hard to provide for his family and give his daughters love and joy. For the janitors out there, and their daughters and sons… you matter and your voice also deserves a seat at the table.

This Labor day weekend – it worked out that my interview with a Labor Union advocate would be released. This one is a critical episode in understanding why Puerto Rico got into debt, what we in the diaspora can do, and importantly for me as well – we talk about Class.

It’s often seemed a missing piece of the conversation about equity and Justice. I hope you all enjoy the episode and as always – below are the links to the topics discussed.

80Grados article about the Course:


Listening to Puerto Rico Course:



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