Pageants, Political Corruption and all the fuckery of American Politics

Last week Americans celebrated the Independence of the colonies who fought against an oppressive British Empire, and Puerto Ricans are deeply aware of the irony. Many of us don’t celebrate the 4th of July, because it represents everything historically we have fought for but have been criminalized for: a call for Liberty and representation.  I took a moment to speak about July 4th with two friends born on the island but currently in the Diaspora. We discussed the scandal around the Puerto Rico Pageant and colorism, as well as the political corruption that just last week led to whispers of possible FBI arrests. 

Although we are not in Puerto Rico, we want to stay connected to our people and their struggle, because after Hurricane Maria – we are much more aware of how important that is.

I saw first-hand how the American Political system has failed to address the colonial system they are responsible for in Puerto Rico. American politics not only ignores the obvious fact that Puerto Rico was invaded and colonized, they control the narrative – leading many Puerto Ricans to feel that only those who colonized us, can help us move forward. Clearly from the current state of the island, that has not been the case. We should question why we’re all told Puerto Ricans aren’t “fit” to lead their own nation. But this week for the first time in the island’s history, evidence has come out about the Governor and his circle pointing directly to the corruption. We are seeing Puerto Ricans take to the streets asking for an end to the corruption that the colonial state supports. It’s time for reparations for Puerto Rico and every colony that exists now, in the 21st Century.

We have to take back the narrative, and keep raising the voices in every way we can, as mainstream media continues to ignore the stories coming from our island. We can’t back down or stop calling out the blatant discrimination coming from the local Puerto Rican government and Trump administration or the pandering of American Politicians on latinx communities like mine. Enough is enough.

It’s time the US government addresses lack of Freedoms Puerto Ricans and other Latinos experience in this country. And it starts here. Speaking and listening to Puerto Rican people, and all those who are directly impacted by the second class treatment of our communities.

To hear the latest on what’s happening in Puerto Rico today you can watch a local community activist here:

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