Shocking story: FEMA denies existence of property

This story was not easy to recount, so I have to thank my guest Noris for sharing a difficult conversation about her mom’s application to FEMA.

It all began with a search bar, where Noris typed out but could not find her mother’s property on FEMA’s map. Reeling from the aftermath of the Hurricane and immediate needs of her mother who is diabetic, she eventually gave up trying to convince the skeptical FEMA officials on the phone that she was NOT trying to scam them.

There are stories of property titles not being provided with the application – and FEMA rejected those claims, but in this case – Noris could not even submit the claim for her mother. Every aspect of the FEMA response has been horrific to us in the Diaspora but even more so for the many who live with leaking roofs and children that wonder why the lights haven’t come on. NBC recently covered FEMA’s denial of applications and the Washington Post covered FEMA admitting failure in Puerto Rico. 

This isn’t a story with a happy ending… but it is the story of a people that know we have to fight to be heard. Please share this story and follow the movement to decolonize Puerto Rico, and right a wrong that spans centuries. Next Monday, we share more on the movement.

Let’s tell the world that we deserve to be treated equally, not because of a citizenship that was imposed in order to fight in the wars of others…  but because we are human and this suffering is yours too.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere” – MLK


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