Sunday News con Sandra

De Puerto Rico para la Diaspora

A reporter in Puerto Rico provides us an insightful look into current news in Puerto Rico.

We chat about the migration due to the economic recession, including the Housing Crisis Report by Centro for Puerto Rican Studies released just a few days ago. We also talk the role of the Diaspora in Puerto Rico’s future, including what events are happening in Puerto Rico right now that they should know about and should stay informed on.

She also shares her experience being on the only radio station that was still live after the Hurricane, and you don’t want to miss her stories. I asked her whether there have been improvements to communications to prepare for this hurricane season, and she provides insights there as well.

Three things that Sandra recommends the Diaspora focus on currently happening are:

Other issues discussed are the number of dentists that have left the island; some towns lack any dentist at all. Mortgage foreclosures are also another topic that she recommends you follow. With regard to the debt she mentioned local bondholders are losing a lot of money and most of the people that loaned the government money are being very affected by not getting paid. Other interesting things points she brought up: That most jobs are created by the government and not private sector. That the last election had 6 candidates so the current governor won with about 40% of the vote.

But we spoke about what gives her hope and what she sees as the reasons Puerto Rico has a chance to rise above the challenges.

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