A Puerto Rican Revolution

The first podcast looking at issues affecting the island through a public health lens.

After Hurricane Maria, I returned to Puerto Rico to bury someone I loved, and in his memory, for all those lost to us, I began this journey. To inform, organize and mobilize on issues that affect us.

This podcast is called Borikén, to remind us that before Spain’s arrival on it’s shores, before it was colonized, Puerto Rico was free. So with “Borikén” , I hope to imagine a world where anything is possible, including the freedom of a nation that continues to be colonized.

The Mission:

To Inform on the social, political, & economic factors that impact Boricuas everywhere.

To help Organize and be a sounding board for organizations in the US and Borikén that are making a difference.

To Mobilize the Diaspora and provide visibility into the issues, especially those not shared in the media.

The Purpose of this Podcast is to ask *how* we can all be a part of building a better future for our people?


Check out the Episodes available to learn about issues affecting the health and well being of Boricuas everywhere.


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