The Puerto Rican Diaspora Mourns: Jacquie Acosta shares her family’s loss

This was a tough week – and it took monumental effort to keep my head high and my will strong. But as we mourn the deaths of thousands on our beloved island, I’m reminded that the Diaspora and Puerto Rico are more united than we’ve ever been. I know that through our tragedy, we can build a better future for our Puerto Rican Nation.

This week I interviewed Rosa Clemente, and got to meet her in NYC for the 1 Year anniversary. It was an impactful conversation because we discussed what it means to free Puerto Rico from colonization.

And it does not involve a vote – it involves acknowledging that as a colonized Nation – Puerto Rico deserves to lead their own country on their own terms, and for their own people.

A couple of weeks ago I came to NYC to speak with Jacquie Acosta who said she would be willing to share her family’s loss after Hurricane Maria. There are no words that I can say to comfort those who lost someone. I can only say I see you, and I feel your pain.

We have our memories but it’s only in the act of sharing these stories and raising awareness for Puerto Rico, that we can find some sort of peace.

Thank you to all that shared their pain, and to all that are willing to stand up for a Free Puerto Rico, a Free Boriken.


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