The Return to Borikén – Contra La Corriente

For years, I’ve looked for ways to connect to my roots/mis raices… and understand who I am. After the Hurricane disconnected me from my family, and after my stepdad died shortly after, my broken heart started to imagine that some day I could come to live among my family and my people…

This week, I want to share my decision to move to Boriken.

I will be a Puertorriquena moving against the current, contra la corriente, back to my patria, as many others who cannot stay, who are forced into exile, have to leave.

After making this decision for myself, I found an article on Repatriating Puerto Rico by a Brooklyn born artist named Yasmin Hernandez, and I knew I needed to reach out to her. In this episode we talk about the migration of Boricuas out of the island, and the local government providing incentives to stay on the island only to non-Boricuas. There’s nothing surprising about that, but there is something we can do to reverse this trend.

We are a people who through oppression, and suffering, have had to find alternatives to survive, and for hundreds of years we adapt, we evolve, and we create spaces to #decolonize our island. I’ll be returning to our island to support the people who are fighting for self-determination, for their rights to live without oppression, and will continue to raise the voices of the Boricuas everywhere.

This is a story that spans centuries – this is the story of a country denied a voice, denied an identity, denied their freedom for hundreds of years.

Who will stand up against the strongest military power in the world, to demand that a people be given the right to self-determination? I stand in solidarity with the people of the island in saying – what is happening in Puerto Rico needs to change. As Yasmin said, there is an “untapped power” that we are now starting to see… And with over 5 million Boricuas in the Diaspora, you can use your votes to push back and demand justice for Puerto Rico.

I hope you enjoy the episode… and I really look forward to joining my sisters and brothers on the island to continue fighting against those that threaten our culture, our identity, and our people.

We are connected you and I #Boricua, and together we’ll move mountains…

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