The new Death Toll and an interview about Poverty, Taxes, and Government

This week I share an interview with Victor Ramirez Garcia about many of the issues affecting Puerto Rico covered in the essay he published  and we talk about housing, parking and decentralizing the government. Victor studied software engineering and later urban planning. I’m very glad I got the chance to know him and speak with him!

We also learned this week about the new death toll released by George Washington University, in which an estimated 3,000 deaths occurred as a result of the Hurricane.

It’s important to remember that these numbers are people, and it’s my stepdad, and someone’s grandfather and another person’s mother who died due to the incompetence and injustice we know exist. The sadness in the hearts of Puerto Ricans this week is heavy….

I wanted to take time to mention that the work done through this podcast is to elevate the voices of Puerto Ricans because in many aspects they are forgotten, pushed aside, and dehumanized. However, we see that Puerto Ricans continue to organize, publish, speak out, and engage those around them to vote. We are warriors in a long struggle and we’re not done fighting.

No study can bring Justice to the tragedy that occurred on our island and to our people, but it’s a start. Only WE can fight for that and only WE will find a resolution to the question of who really deserves to be free.

The next Puerto Rican Diaspora Conference happens September 14-15 in D.C. and I’ll be there – hope you can join us too:


Below are the links to content mentioned in the podcast. Thank you for listening… until next week.

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