Why Public Health?

Puerto Rico is experiencing a public health crisis and thousands on the island are still struggling without power. This episode will be an overview of what this podcast is all about and will touch on recent news as well. For example, I discuss the study by the Harvard T. Chan School of Public health which reviewed excess deaths that occurred after Hurricane Maria, and a video that came out in the past week on the transport of cadavers in vehicles that were not approved for that purpose. From Puerto Rico to Boston and all across the US, the Diaspora is fighting for the rights and dignity of all Boricuas.

DISCLAIMER: The first episode was recorded in multiple places from Puerto Rico! So some background noise and editing was necessary but for our next episode we’ll have a special guest so don’t miss it!

Important links and resources from Episode One!

Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health – To read the study on the excess deaths after Maria, click here.

Centro for Puerto Rican studies at Hunter College – Sign up here for their newsletters and to stay in touch with latest events!

Puestas pal Problema Podcast – Another great podcast to listen to in Spanish. Check them out here on itunes.

The Center for Economic Policy report on what the Fiscal Control Board proposes in PR can be found here.

Forensic Science Footage – The Video Footage capturing the inappropriate handling of cadavers can be found here.

La Borinquena Comics – Order a comic for yourself or your family here.

Topics for the upcoming Episodes:

  1. Data and Mortality rates in Puerto Rico: A conversation with one of the first investigators to call out the local government and more.
  2. Disaster Management planning:  How prepared is the island for the next Hurricane season?
  3. Missing Home: How one business is working to export locally made products to the Diaspora.
  4. Deaf communities in Puerto Rico: A conversation on access.
  5. Community Block Grants: Rebuilding communities.
  6. Social Class in Puerto Rico and the Diaspora – well this is a big one for sure. My parents are both from barrios and grew up with very few opportunities. I’ll be talking about what it was like growing up poor in the US as a Boricua but also what it was like going back to the island and what I’ve seen in the impoverished communities.
  7. Displaced Families: What is happening and how we can get involved.
  8. School Closures: The effect of closures and what’s coming down the pipeline.
  9. Whats the latest on public debt and brief history on Puerto Rico’s economy.
  10. Decolonisation theory: A look at what colonialism does to a society.


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