Women empowering women: Toxic relationships and healing spaces

This week I start the podcast subconsciously in a whisper… because this topic of toxic relationships is something people feel uncomfortable facing. I am glad I came across Beatriz Bonnin, because she opened up a conversation I’ve been wanting to share.

We can have toxic relationships with our families, our partners, our friends and it’s important to recognize them, understand the signs, and how to get out of those situations.

As Beatriz says in this interview it’s about not just unlearning but relearning. It’s about your intuition. And we discuss 3 signs that a particular relationship is not working.

Abusive and manipulative relationships also do not come out of malice or intention always either. We discuss cycles as well, generations that grow up seeing abuse and thinking that this is normal.

“You are no one’s pillow, you are no one’s rehab,” Beatriz says.

We speak to the ability to change but that this has to be a radical process. Rehab, yoga, therapy, and many other tools will help you or your partner to get to the root of the problem. No one is perfect, we are human but you need to do the work to change.

I got personal as well and discussed how trauma has affected me and my relationships and being accountable. Knowing how to identify what you need to work on and coming together to find what triggers are causing imbalance in relationships.

For me the interview was a much needed reminder that we have to look into our actions, and the actions of those who we interact with because they will have a huge impact on your growth or lack of growth.

Finding balance and the courage to address the trauma and uncomfortable topics is an important step towards healing.

My favorite takeaways from the interview was to acknowledge your emotions, and to connect with yourself through self study. And I’m grateful to the universe for the chance to connect with Beatriz Bonnin.

Mujeres empoderando mujeres… always.

NOTE: Men also are part of this healing process. We spoke of the importance of men who are not afraid to connect to their emotions, because to them this doesn’t show weakness but strength. And we need highlight them as well. Because as Beatriz says, there is not a space for most men to be able to do that.

You can find Beatriz on Instagram @SanandoJuntasPR or @BeatrizBonninYoga


Beatriz also mentioned her Mentor which you can find here: https://www.instagram.com/lalupavia/

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